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Powering performance with data. APN Global has built a reputation on developing practical, effective solutions that are perfectly adapted to your business context and standards. We go well beyond theory and design. We care about delivering concrete and tangible results that will be noticeable on the shop floor. Empower your business data!


APN Global stands at the forefront of Industry 4.0 implementation, using state-of-the-art digital technology to empower companies through system integration and feedback for data-driven processes. Designed, tested and deployed in a live production environment, Meta4.0 gathers over 40 years of manufacturing know-how to lead every single aspect of your enterprise.

Breaking technology silos, the Meta4.0 solution integrates all relevant production systems such as machine controls, ERP, MES, CAM, CAD and quality systems, to generate the perfect data stream throughout the supply chain.

Our architecture of highly integrated systems, through the use of business logic rules, optimization algorithms and machine learning, allows the solution to contextualize the data flow, capture the know-how from shop floor to top floor, and automate decision making.


The full definition of every product and manufacturing input combined with data from other systems allow Meta4.0 to guide unskilled employees through complex tasks for a complete control of your processes. Our solution delivers contextual information and feedback in order to stay on track and ensure product conformance at each stage.

Data validation

Throughout definition and execution, rule-based algorithms continually validate and cross reference data to ensure consistency across systems. The full traceability of every input of the supply chain from inspection tool calibration or material mill test to skilled employee certification enables the system to track everything while allowing deep process analysis. Furthermore, each intervenient is notified by an alert service if something is drifting.

Meta decision

Do you have a scalable business model? Meta4.0 solution’s unique way to fully define products and manufacturing inputs integrates data from multiple sources, empowering users with perfect planning and execution. Using the theory of constraints in a context-aware scheduling framework, achieve the best execution scenario encompassing inventory check, material ordering, staff allocation, setup tasks and job priorities.

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