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S&S Carbide is the industry leader in the manufacture of tungsten carbide ammunition dies, punches and associated tooling for the defense and sporting industries. Renowned for the impeccable finish and superior quality and durability of our components, we draw on unique know-how, advanced processes and the latest technology to achieve unparalleled levels of precision, with finishing levels of 1 RMS (root mean square) that meet the strictest tolerances. For over 40 years, our evolving culture of innovation and perfection has been your guarantee of the best solutions on the market.


You won’t find this level of precision anywhere else.
Our relentless investment in the latest technology and equipment as well as the fine-tuning of our manufacturing process underscore our commitment to our customers.


Precision realized. Expertise standardized
S&S provides a full range of engineering and drawing services that leverage our proven expertise and know-how. With our exceptional quality, strong production capacity, and first-rate customer service, we can fulfill all your tooling needs and guarantee full compliance to your specific tolerances and required delivery dates.


Certified by the highest standards
S&S is certified ISO 9001:2015.

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