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AFP specializes in the design and manufacture of complex chromatography measurement valves for the instrumentation, laboratory, scientific and industrial markets. Our solutions incorporate innovative patented technologies that ensure consistent and extremely precise measurement and they are the choice of the world leading companies in the field. Manufactured with the best technologies available and calibrated and controlled by an expert team dedicated to perfection, our analytical products represent a reliable and affordable option for any company subject to the increasingly stringent requirements of the modern world.

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Our Gas Chromatographic diaphragm valve with the only embedded patented purge system is our most popular products. Fully loaded with innovative feature this is the number one choice of the leading Gas Chromatograph makers.

  • Unique patented purge feature
  • Valves to fit your application
  • The only diaphragm valve for vaccum application
  • Real time health monitoring
  • Available with NO PURGE option except MDVG-SERIES

ELDV MDVG Series – User Instructions
Things You Should Know About GC Diaphragm Valve
Medium Pressure – Gas Chromatography
Getting Full Benefits From The Purging Feature Of The ELDV/MDVG GC Diaphragm Valve
Working With Challenging Samples
Finding and Eliminating leaks

Mini Rotary Valve are commonly used in many system to switch flow path or for sample injection. Drop in replacement for what’s available on the market but with several advantages that makes it leak tigh and long lasting.

  • Treated Rotor. No-sticking action
  • Low rotational force
  • Mounting collar design for anti-rotation assembly

Extended pin design drive adaptor (double stop pin for no radial)

RV Series  User Instructions
Electrical Rotary Actuator User
Rotary Valves Applications
Rotary Valves Then and Now: An improved Conical Rotary Chromatographic Valve

The first real analytical tight shut-off diaphragm valve family. They can be used in multiple places in gas chromatographic systems, auto-samplers, sampling and general instrumentation. No dead volume effects, continuous flowpath and purge system make them ideal in many situations. From simple 3-way to complex configuration with timing sequence, the job is easily done.

DV Series Applications Ideas
Sample concentration with the use of DV Series Diaphragm Valves
Sampling and Vaporing Liquid Sample
A pot-pourri of Liquid Application Using the DV Series Diaphrag Valves

Fittings are critical components in any analytical system. This is why AFP put some extra work on small detail in order to launch our high performance analytical grade fittings. The level of sealing and the need for zero dead volume were taken into consideration when designing these fittings. Which are available in different sizes and material.

Why use Analytical Fittings Instead of Industrial One
Cutting or Not cutting




All valves and fittings are manufactured in North America under strict conditions. Most of them are done inside our sister company APN where they are assembled and tested under the control of our ERP system, the Meta4.0, which gives us the possibility to custom tune every valve to the perfectly fit of the customer application.




AFP confirms that all raw materials and materials used for manufacturing and re-sale are in compliance with, and conform to the European Union’s Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive 2002/95/EC,  2011/65/EU (RoHS2) and 2015/863 (RoHS3) Technical Adaptation Committee based on the information we receive from our suppliers.

AFP itself has appointed a team within its Engineering department obtaining the expertise to classify and confirm RoHS compliance and within 2019 we will be able to give the Certification based on our own research and expertise.

Meanwhile we confirm that we request from our suppliers to give us all available documentation to ensure all of our products are meeting the requested standards.


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